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Grow your herbs indoors

Summer spoils us. One quick spin through the garden and we come back laden with a bouquet for the table and veggies for dinner. And the herbs, ah, the herbs! Mint for iced tea, chives for salads, dill for salmon, oregano for pasta sauce. As the days get shorter and the temperatures cooler, you might think you must bid adieu to these fresh pleasures. But not so! The herbs at...

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Learn what organic gardening really is

The word organic is bandied about a lot in connection with food and gardens these days, but what does it really mean? That depends on the context. In simple terms, growing organically could be described as growing in harmony with nature, without using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or other such products that upset the balance of the ecosystem. For farmers or commercial growers, however, it can be quite complex. Following...

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Learn how to grow peaches

Fresh juicy peaches are easy to grow in southern climates, but can also be grown through much of the continent. The biggest challenge in northern climates is that although the tree is quite hardy, the fruit can easily be killed by late frosts. For the best results it is a good idea to keep a sharp eye on the weather forecast, and have some protection on hand if needed. Location:...

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Tips to maintain a flowers garden

Success is in the soil. Good soil -- not too sandy, not too sticky, with enough organic matter to make it drain well and be inviting to plant roots -- is essential for successful flower gardening, just as it is for vegetables. After all, vegetables such as squash and tomatoes are formed from flowers. Sun is essential. Building a flower takes a lot of energy, and all a plant's energy...

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